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Our lawyers at Abstract Law specialize in business litigation and corporate transactional matters. From startups to large corporations, we work one-on-one with you to understand your legal concerns, your goals for the company and to create any contracts and agreements you may need in order to expand your business as time goes on.

Common contracts and other business agreements that we compose are: partnership, shareholder, operating, investor, and vendor agreements. Our lawyers also handle matters such as business dissolutions, breach of contracts, IP infringements, fraudulent misrepresentations, closings, breach of ICO’s, defamations, and violations of securities. The most common business litigation matters we practice are business partnership disputes.

As a business owner, we know that disputes may arise for a multitude of reasons. Your rights may differ based upon the type of business dispute you have, the structure of your business, and the language of the documents governing the agreement between you and your business. Disputes can arise over matters such as:

  • Distributions or lack thereof
  • Equity vesting
  • Management responsibilities
  • Adverse decisions made by the company
  • Allegations of misconduct
  • Conversion of company assets
  • Violations of the company’s governing documents

Whether you are a minority shareholder of a corporation, a managing member of an LLC, a partner in a partnership, or a co-founder of a startup business, there are numerous measures you can take to resolve a business dispute without having to initiate a costly, public, and embarrassing litigation process. The tactics and strategies we could share with you, are the same ones that our team at Abstract Law implements in order to achieve results without having to initiate court proceedings.

When it comes to business partnership or business owner disputes, we want you to resolve your business dispute without dissolving the company or spending tens of thousands of dollars on legal fees. Business disputes may be challenging and confusing to navigate. It is imperative that you put aside the emotional aspects of a business “divorce” and focus on your long-term results. Handling business disputes has become one of our main practice areas, so much so, we have created a professional guide on how to dissolve your business dispute without spending tens of thousands of dollars on legal fees.

It is called: “A Guide to Resolving Business Claims in a Litigious Society” and you may download it here. To speak more in depth on the subject, contact Abstract Law today to schedule your free consultation by clicking the button below.

Our lawyers at Abstract Law specialize in business litigation and corporate transactional matters.

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Every startup company, corporation, partnership, LLC, etc., should have a company agreement outlining the company owner’s relationship to the business. For a corporation, you may have signed a shareholders’ agreement, an LLC operating agreement or a partnership agreement. It is imperative that you first review the documents and agreements to understand and ensure your rights and responsibilities are as an owner of the business or corporation.

Other than business partnership disputes, we also handle other business-commercial litigation matters such as:

  • Breaches of contracts
  • Breaches of operating agreements
  • Breaches of shareholder agreements
  • Breaches of investor agreements
  • Breaches of vendor agreements
  • Breaches of oral agreements
  • Breaches of promissory notes
  • Breaches of restrictive covenants
  • Breaches of ICO’s
  • Fraudulent misrepresentations
  • Fraudulent conduct
  • Violations of securities laws
  • IP infringements
  • Defamation of the business
  • Business dissolutions

Every business or corporation needs a professional review of their business’ corporate structuring and investments to ensure efficiencies in tax as well as the legal framework. A successful business or corporation always plans for future events rather than reacting to current ones. Our legal professionals at Abstract Law help corporate and institutional investors structure their businesses and investments in the best way possible — all with you and your business or corporation in mind.

At Abstract Law, our experienced and trusted team of lawyers can help you identify the best corporate structure for your business based on your vision and your future road-map. We advise companies with a wide range of corporate structuring and investment related projects such as:

    • Preparation of partnership agreements
    • Preparation of operating agreements
    • Preparation of shareholder agreements
    • Preparation of contracts
    • Preparation of asset sale or stock purchase agreement
    • Due diligence
  • Closings
  • Sale and acquisitions of businesses
  • Licensing agreements
  • Manufacturing agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Consulting agreements
  • IP management
  • Co-investments

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